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Expand your business by using CommissionPeople.Com and connect with qualified commission based sales reps. By submitting your requirements on our portal you are announcing the sales community that you have a great business proposition that may help grow their income as well. If your listing appears to be having great earning potential, sales reps may contact you directly. We provide a platform where sales reps and businesses can come together and discover new arenas of growth. 

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Our Sales Rep database is growing rapidly

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Indeed.Com & Careerjet sponsors listings on our site which are displayed along with our listings.

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We run largest linkedin group of manufacturer’s reps who work only on commission basis

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Why Independent Sales Reps?

Independent Sales Reps also known as Manufacturers’ Representatives can be of great help to your business especially if you have small business as they get paid only in form of commission. When they perform they get paid when they don’t perform they don’t get paid.

But there is a catch. It is said that a good sales rep chooses a company in a similar way a company chooses a good rep.  Consider them as business partner. It is therefore important that the opportunity must look interesting and have great earning potential in order to attract sales reps. It is often the case that an independent sales rep carries many similar but non competing product lines in his portfolio.

This relationship is governed strictly by contractual terms and allows manufacturers/business owners to focus on core business activities instead of worrying about sales as a good sales rep can take care of it.


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$99 per month listing

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Submit your requirements on our portal, sales reps contact you directly. You decide, talk and hire them

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$600 per rep we introduce you

✓ Listing on Opportunities Portal

✓ Alerts to Sales Reps

✓ Money Back Guarantee

We recruit for you. We discuss requirements, search and introduce sales rep. You interview and hire them

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